Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Premio Meme Award #1

Couple of weeks ago, Julie Magers Soulen of Julie Magers Soulen Photography awarded me the Premio Meme Award. Julie takes amazing pictures and here’s my all time favorite. As I am posting write-up, she is relaxing here on this porch. Thanks, Julie!

Golden Bliss

The award rules are simple: I list 7 facts about myself then pass the award to 7 people.

1. Proud mom with a son who will be attending UC Berkeley (my own alma mater) this fall.

2. Never had any interest in jewelry until I started making them.

3. It is not a real vacation unless it is a tropical one.
4. Love being my own boss.
5. Need to join "Diet Coke Anonymous."
6. I’m a shortie – only 5’-3” tall.
7. Got 6-7 scars from ankle surgeries.

I am happily passing the Premio Meme Award to some of favorite artisans:
1. purifiedart
2. cindypack
3. melt’m
4. deandymentstudios
5. mandibeads
6. ligiarocha
7. solheart

1 comment:

Meltem said...

Theresa, I'm so glad that know you better now! I'm seeing we are very similar. Congrats to you and your son! I've seen Berkeley when I went to SF , and love there. I have a son too. I hope he will go to a good university too. I'm 5'3" too:) lol
I like diet coke too:) I'm sure if we meet at real life we discover many many facts about us:)

Thank you so much for this lovely award:)