Monday, March 26, 2012

Savanna's Ring - Process Photos

Another commissioned piece I finished couple of days ago.  The red to red-brown iron oxide crystals in this lepidocrocite seem to have suspended in quartz, frozen in time.  Due to the faceted top, a simple straight silver bezel is used to capture the stone.
Lepidocrocite Ring
From left to right, top to bottom:
1.  Here are all the materials I used - recycled sterling silver sheet, and rectangular wire for the band, recycled fine silver for the bezel, and the lepidocrocite.
2.  I made the bezel and soldered it to the flat sheet to create a cup for the stone, and I soldered the rectangular wire for the ring band.
3.  The parts are prepolished.
4.  The ring setting is now soldered onto the band. 
5.  A look at the back where I signed the piece and stamp the metal fineness.
6.  I blackened parts of the ring with an oxidizer.
7.  Some of the darkened areas are brushed away, and the brushing created the final texture
8.  The inside face of the band is polished to a high shine.
9.  I set the stone and pushed the bezel down so it will hug the stone.

And here's the finished ring.  Ta Da!!!
Savanna's Lepidocrocite Ring