Monday, March 1, 2010

Ikebana & Kusuma Necklaces

Just finished these 4 pendant / necklaces:

1. Ikebana with Red Quartz. This red quartz is really unusual because it has these really sparkly mica inclusions, like pieces of glitters embedded.

2. Ikebana with Labradorite. I thought this half round labradorite makes a perfect "bowl" for this miniature ikebana arrangement.

3. Kusuma is an Indonesian name that means flower. These agatized Fossil Coral is a natural stone formed when ancient coral is gradually replaced with agate. They usually have small flower-like patterns. Each piece of coral can display different colors, depending on weathering/oxidation and original mineral content.

I added some 14k gold dots to complement the warm tones of these coral.

4. The back of this pendant is inscribed.


Karen Casey-Smith said...

These are gorgeous!! Wonderful designs and beautiful stones.

Made by SwirlyGirl said...

Theresa, I think these are some of my new favorite pieces! Congrats!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Beautiful work! I love the fossilized coral pendants. Your settings are gorgeous!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
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Judy said...

Theresa! A new direction for you, and I LOVE IT!!

Studio618 said...

Thanks and big hugs to my buddies!

Anonymous said...

Theresa, I've been out of the loop a while and had no idea you had begun silversmithing. These are gorgeous! I love how you've incorporated your engraving into your new work!

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