Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet My Friend at Ardent Designs

Joelyn Welch of Ardent Designs creates top quality hand made fashion jewelry from only the highest quality materials, including solid gold, silver, semi precious stones and custom made fused glass.

Ardent Designs is a supporter of independent artisans every where. If you are not already aware, there are millions of independent artists that create unique one of a kind items that are of superior quality than anything you can find at a big box store and typically it is priced competitively. Find out more about independent artisans and the hand made craze on the Ardent Designs blog or visit Joelyn’s online store on Etsy.

Joelyn started out in 1998 with a passion to bead jewelry. Practicality, along with a unique elegance, are the priorities that guide Ardent Designs. Joelyn enjoys using natural stones, crystals and glass. She also loves to work with contrasting metals and colors.
Joelyn has always had a fascination with glass and in 2008 she added fused glass creations to her collection. She is excited to be expanding her techniques with warm glass and look forward to creating wonderful and stunning pieces in this new medium. Find out all the most recent news about Ardent Designs and other indy artists on her blog.

Joelyn is located in Michigan, with her husband, daughter and their puppy. Her husband’s wonderful birdhouses can be found at their Etsy store as well. Now that is a truly talented family. Bet you’ll be seeing some of their daughter’s work real soon.


Anonymous said...

I checked out Joelyn's work, and her designs are great. I love the way she combines gemstones and her wonderful glass, and her use of colors in her designs. Teri

A Beaded Affair said...

Original and creative. Joelyn's work is exceptional. I'm really starting to appreciate glass work. And that is a lot coming from a true gem geek.