Monday, March 9, 2009

Confetti Cuff - The Making

This is my latest bracelet listed in my etsy store. I'm using the photos to send with an application for a show in October. My friend, Jodi, bless her sweet heart, took photographs of the creation process:
Materials I used - bronze sheet, sterling wire

I use my AutoCAD software to plan out my design and figure out the amount of materials I need to cut. This creates a template for tracing onto the metal sheet, as well as keeping a record of my designs. I only use the computer for some of my pieces, not all of them.
Here, I transfer the design from a heavier paper stock template onto the metal sheet.

I saw cut the bronze insert part out from the sheet material.

Filing the edges smooth. Then I cut enough sterling wire to frame around the bronze insert.

Soldering the 2 materials together. Then I release Jodi so she can go home and get ready for work. Sorry, no pictures of me with the hammers, dust mask and eye protection.

The bracelet is bent into an oval shape. Now comes the FUN part (eyes rolling) - sanding and finishing.
The finished product. I could have skip the silver edging, which would save a ton of time. But here with the two-tone look, it seems to add so much to it. What do you think?


Tina Cowan said...

Oh my! You are getting Super Serious Smither. More pictures please if you don't mind. Nice! said...

mona & the girls

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, I am in awe of your work! I think I need to pick up the pace and learn something new!!!! So glad you stopped by abeadaday!

Aik said...

Beautiful! You're really talented, Theresa!


Sharon said...

Was tweeting about this bracelet and popped over to see how you made it. Thanks for sharing your talent in such a personal way.

Sharon of Rose of Sharon Jewelryycepo