Thursday, February 24, 2011

RAW 52/07 - Bud Ring

Bud Ring
I had fun making this ring, making it up as I go.  I used sterling silver (recycled, of course), copper, and a lab grown golden topaz (no excavation of the earth to get this gem).  It's my first flush set piece and you have to be SO careful not to cut the opening too big or the stone will fall too low below the surface.  This one turned out to be slightly on the higher side, but it did snap right in there. 

Teh-dah, here's the inspiration for the piece.  That's right, it's the bud bur.  The bud bur is one of the burs that I used to cut the seat for this stone.  

Bud Ring

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Two B's said...

Love this idea!
Great concept!