Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet Hearts Pendant for Valentine's

I always have these designs in my head of what I want to make for Valentine's Day.  I must be getting better because I made ONE of the designs this year.  Such a procrastinator!  Well, here it is.  Thought the prong setting is more appropriate for this stone since it has uneven top.  This is a tall stone too so a solid silver bezel will cost quite a penny. 

Sweet Hearts Pendant

A secret heart on the back.

This white druzy (sometimes spelled drusy) agate has nice medium size crystals to catch the light.  Whichever way it turns, some of the crystal points would catch the light.  Lots of fun rubbing a finger across the top.  The back of the stone has a glass-like polish, so I made a "secret" heart cutout.  I put a mottled black patina on the silver setting to contrast with the white stone.  Comes with a black satin cord.

I made three other similar but different pendants and will post them real soon.  Stay tuned.

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